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Recommended Food
#1 Choice
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#3 Choice
Raw Chicken - Real Food
Nutro Max - Dog Food
Kirkland - Dog Food
raw chicken
kirkland formula

Benefits of Raw ChicKen

Here at Finest Kennels Inc. we know for a fact there was no dog food hundreds of years ago. Pitbulls, just like any dog, are natural meat eaters. Therefore, raw chicken is the best diet possible for you dog. Its all natural no preservatives, no additives and very good protein source. Don't forget to include the bone products , calcium, iron and many other vitamins your dog needs. To keep your dog at a very healthy weight you can also serve it with an essential carbohydrate like white rice. Remember Pet owners, dog food is very convenient and easy but its just like feeding yourself a frozen dinner as oppose to real home cooking. Also, chicken is sold at 0.30 cents a pound while dog food can be up to 20.00 a bag. or even less in connecticut

Benefits of MAX Large Breed Puppy:

Now if time is of the essence for you, NutroMax puppy formula is the next best thing to real food. It is scientifically Formulated for Puppies That Grow to 50 lbs. & Over. So it fits right in to your Pitbulls diet needs.
It's optimized for Large Breed Protein & Fat Levels which are very necessary to a healthy diet. With
balanced calcium & phosphorus for Strong Bones & Healthy Teeth.
Natural Ingredients with Vitamins and Minerals.
Real Chicken and Beef Protein are the main ingredient. You can find Nutro at your local Petsmart or Petco at only 27.99 for a 15lb bag or even cheaper in connecticut.



Benefits of Kirkland Puppy Formula.

The next alternative would be Kirkland. This is the pitbull owners dream budget dog food. Its main ingredients are chicken and rice. It has plenty vegatable, minerals and phosphorus all needed to maintain a healthy diet. When comparing to NutroMax products it has most the same ingredients so if you are on a budget this is the next thing to get. This bag generally runs 16.97 for a 50lb bag and you can find it at Costco wholesale warehouse in northern california.




Here at Finest Kennels Inc. we believe you should be feeding your dog one out of these three choices!


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