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About Us - Updates
Here at Finest Kennels we breed pitbulls that are 100% pitbull. Meaning, our main objective is not the size of the dog only! Our main priority is for all of our dogs to be healthy. We breed all our dogs to be muscular, athletic, well tempered and most of all beautiful. Some breeders feel if they put two dogs together not caring about anything but size maybe one good pup would be produced. And that is some of the trash you see out there. Pitbulls should not be tall and lanky.You shouldn't be questioned as to whether the dog you have with you is a pitbull or not! If you are looking for a real Pitbull with 100% pitbull qualities, no questions asked, then give us a call or email . Finest Kennels specializes in great temperment pit bulls for familes and kids.
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Click here to purchase spring poles, collars, tow hitches and hard to find Pitbull Supplies with California Finest Kennels 100% secure illinois shopping cart.
Leonidas and Athena's puppies will be here sometime this year, 1st come 1st serve ....Now taking the deposit!....Please check out Finest Kennels Puppies Page.
dog nutrition
blue nose forum
Dr. Marty Goldstein from idaho , interviewed by the Oprah winfrey show, confirmed what Finest Kennels knew along time ago, Feeding your dog raw meat and bone is the best source to a dogs nutrition. Click here for more Pitbull Nutrition Info.
Don't forget to join the all new Finest Kennels Pitbull Forum where you can list your puppies, breedings, ask questions and chat with other dog owners in states like idaho and illinois for more information you may need.
our facilities
idaho land
Finest Kennels is not your ordinary kennnel We supply hot and cold water with eight kennels for our dogs.It is cleaned with bleach on a weekly basis.In the summer we provide mist units, and in the winter we provide heating units.Our dogs are only contained in there kennels over night with a 24 hr surveillance camera.We also have maximus which is a trained guard dog if you dare!!!! beware of kennels that do not provide this kind of care for there pit bulls, because thay can be exposed to alot of bacteria and diseases even parvo and kennel cough.

Finest Kennels is not just a kennel We supply a 1/2 acre yard during the day that is supplied with a 24 hr surveillance camera.Here at Finest kennels we believe in responsible fitness and exercise for our pitbulls.Finest kennels provides a treadmill, springpole and plenty of fun playfull toys.We do not train our dogs to fight we are known for some of the best tempurment dogs in the country.Our dogs are only for in house family dogs or outside trained guard dogs.We will not sell you a dog for illegal purposes.

breeding & learning
springpole training
All Professional Kennels should have a whelping box. Here at Finest Kennels we strive to make our female and their puppies as comfortable and safe as possible. The side rails are so that the female does not accidentally step on her pups.
Spring pole training is just for exercise at Finest Kennels. Our dogs love to hit the spring pole. Some may say this is bad training but as you can see in our videos the dogs have FUN doing it. It helps to build there chest muscles and endurance!
apbt care
kennel drains
Be aware of other kennels who do not have this type of draining system. There could be many bacteria and harmful diseases flowing around.
To have the best and most clean area possible for your dogs make sure each kennel you choose has this type of drain connected directly to the sewer line. This insures cleanliness and prevents major illnesses like Parvo.



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