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'PR' Finest Kennels Leonidas - Greyline - Razors Edge - Gottyline
UKC purple ribbon registered
Weight- 100 lbs and growing DOB 07-08-09
Head- 25 inches and growing
Sire - Ranger
black pits
Madam - Maia
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Click image above to see video of Hercules from Finest kennels in just 11 months already weighing an unbelievable 90 lbs. (family video)

DOB 07-08-09, Finest Kennels chose Hercules as a favorite because of his his spectacular head size, tremendously big paws, Huge Chest that dips down when wearing harnesses which is extremely rare. Not to mention one of the best temperments Finest Kennels has ever seen . Hercules is direct son from Iron mans Ranger and Maia wich we believe to be the best puppies and breeding ever from kansas city to california!!!!

( STUD FEE $1,500.00 )

'PR' Finest Kennels MAXIMUS - Greyline-Razors Edge
UKC purple ribbon registered
Weight- 102 lbs and growing DOB 03-22-05
Head- 24 inches and growing
crop ears
Sire - Mo Jo
Madam - Diva
harness supplies here
Click image above to see video of Maximus from Finest kennels in springpole training at 11 months already weighing an unbelievable 100 lbs. (training video)

DOB 03-22-05, Finest Kennels chose Maximus as a first pic in his breed because of his his spectacular size in his harness, tremendously big paws, photogenic facial features and the fact that he is a blue brindle which is extremely rare in dogs and puppies. Not to mention one of the best temperments Finest Kennels has ever seen. He can fetch, lay, sit, give handshakes, give kisses, do circles and hit the springpole amazingly. He is so loving, yet very intimidating when wearing harnesses and walking down the block becuase people will run out of the way!!

(STUD FEE $2,000.00)

'PR' Finest Kennels Achilles - Greyline - Razors Edge (Produced here at Finest Kennels)
UKC purple ribbon registered
Weight - 90 lbs and growing DOB 11-06-06
Head - 23 inches and growing
red nose
Sire - Dillenger
dad harnesses
Madam - Perseus
mom kansas
apple nose




blue nose kentucky
Click Image above as Achilles from Finest kennels is showing off how perfect he realy is as he prances around the yard weighing a clean 90 lbs at 11 months old (family video)

DOB 11-06-06, Yes he is here! THE CHOSEN ONE!! "ACHILLES". We have been waiting 1 year for this blue Pit Bull. Produced from only the very best, Perseus from Finest Kennels, and many thanks to Ironman pits for studding out Dillenger. Without having to explain much, as you can see from the pictures above, Achilles is 100% blue bully. He is kentucky beautiful. Face like no other. Great Structure all around. Icing on the cake, his puppy temperment! Achilles is the most athletic loving blue Pit Bull Finest Kennels has ever seen. Pictures taken at 11 months from a kentucky photographer!

(STUD FEE $2,000.00)


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