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We are always adding new items to our shopping page so our customers are always checking back for new items and you become a shopper of finest kennels for life, We also breed american pit bull terriers so we know exactly what type of product is strong and durable enough to last a pits life time. we dont use cheap springpoles, choker chains, collars, or leashes because we know that might work on any old breed but with the APBT you have to use the best and strongest material as all of our machine shops use the best product in the united states of america.All our videos, dvd's, downloads, and movies are all up to date with quality sound so you can rest assure that you will be getting your money's worth, And do not forget we have new bully show videos from the california, north carolina & north dakota dog shows!!
Los Angeles Bullys - $19.95
Everything to know about your Pit Bull - $19.95
Available in DVD Video or immediate download.
Available in DVD Video or immediate download.
Los Angeles Bullys - $19.95Order Now
Everything To Know About Your Pit BullClick Here

From the directors of (Gotti Line West Side Story) (West Coast BBQ and how the west was won ) This DVD contains footage from some of the BIGGEST events in the world of big bully pits today including Lake Perris Barbeque, Fresno Barbeque, The Dog Dealers Barbeque and more.

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Put down the books and take advantage of the new and entertaining alternative to learning about your Pitbull ! The first of its kind, we have put together a training video library unlike any other. order now and get a free bonus DVD teaching your dog how to quickly and easily teach your dog how to Sit, Stand, Come & Stay.

West Coast Bully Barbeque - $19.95
How The West Was Won - $19.95
Available in DVD Video or immediate download.
Available in DVD Video or immediate download.
West Coast Bully BarbequeOrder Now
How The West Was Won $19.95Order Now
Not your ordinary Saturday; May Fourteenth Two Thousand and Five marked the First Annual EE West Coast Bully Barbecue. This brought out some of the most prolific Pit Bulls in the game: Definitely an epic event with approximately 600 to 700 people and their dogs. Also, this video hi-lites some of the world's top kennels. An all-star Bully Cast and a spectacular soundtrack makes this WC Bully Barbecue Dvd a unforgettable phenomenon.
How The West Was Won" Is a masterful creation with dynamic special effects. This feature stars American Pit Bull Terriers from some of the baddest kennnels in sunny Southern California.Includes classic hip hop music, bonus ever before seen footage from Dave of Razors Edge, and a say no to BSL slide show. HIs towering motion picture achievement has been acclaimed by adudiences and critics alike as one of the year's most extraordinary bully styled pit bull films.
Off The Chain - $19.95
West Side Story - $19.95
Available in DVD or immediate video download.
Available in DVD or immediate download.
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West Side Story DVDOrder Now

Travel to the back alleys and dark corners of the inner city to expose the truth behind the breed's new status in pop culture; an urban symbol for violence, aggression and gang-life. Including never before seen footage of dog training, dog fights and police raids; this is the first documentary of it's kind to infiltrate the underground subculture of pit-bull fighting and expose the secrets of this illicit game.


FINEST KENNELS DOES NOT CONDONE ANY TYPE OF DOG FIGHTING! This is an Educational Video to show how the dogs are the victims and it is man that makes these pitbulls so vicious but the pitbull is a loving and loyal breed.

The Gotti Line Started in 1997 With The Birth Of Notroious Juan Gotti. The Line Starts From Gotti On Down Brought Out By Richard Barajas Representing Los Angeles California. Each And Every Dog On This Video Is Either A Son, Daughter, Grandson, Or Grandaughter Of Gotti.

In This Video You Will Find Some Of The Shortest And Widest Bullies Around With Lots Of Interviews With Different Kennels and Owners Of this Awesome Breed. This is a must have for all pitbull owners!!!


1 Download Video $19.95 or Watch All 9 Videos $69.95 VIP
The Full Train Your Dog DVD -- $19.95
immediate download or VIP watch all 9 videos download ( Mpeg4 )
Available in Video DVD or immediate
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Training VideoOrder Now

Choose (1) video for the low price of $19.95 or watch all (9) videos for $69.95 with a VIP download.You will need no plug in to view these videos.This Video Format is ( Mpeg4) and supported by all mobile phones and computers for your convenience.

Purchase the all new single video download passbelow, Once a download has been purchased a link will be emailed to you for full access to download the video of your choice in full.

Are you frustrated by your disobeying Pit Bull that pees all over the house, chews up everything in sight and jumps on your guests? Or do you have a new puppy but don’t know where to begin with training?If you're like many Boxer owners, you're looking for immediate results. Believe me, You're not alone in north dakota ! This Full 2 hour training DVD will stop your Pit Bull from...Barking at inappropriate times,Urinating all over the house,Chewing on things it shouldn't,Jumping on furniture and guests,Growling at strangers and animal,Nipping & Biting at your childrens And more!
Bloodline - $19.95
The Texas Takeover - $19.95
Available in DVD or immediate
Available in DVD or immediate
Bloodline MovieOrder Now
The Texas TakeoverOrder Now

It's nature versus nurture in this documentary about the American pit bull. BLOODLINE looks at the idea that either the animals are victims of mistreatment or their viciousness stems from their genes. The film traces the history of the breed and presents arguments from both sides of the debate.

FINEST KENNELS DOES NOT CONDONE ANY TYPE OF DOG FIGHTING! This is an Educational Video to show how the dogs are the victims and it is man that makes these pitbulls so vicious but the pitbull is a loving and loyal breed.

Sit back, relax and come visit some of the best kennels that Texas has to offer, through a guided DVD tour. This DVD will walk you through private kennel tours and show you some of the best, and upcoming best bulliles out there in the dog game today. Here's your chance to get to know some of the top producing kennels and bullies in Texas. Get ready to enjoy this action packed DVD, and all that Texas has to offer in the TEXAS TAKEOVER!

SpringPoles - $49.95
Raw Dogs - $19.95
Available in single spring and double spring
Available in Video DVD or immediate
Springpoles $49.95Order Now
raw dogs hood fightingOrder Now


We offer a unique variety of dog products that help to train your pitbull everyday. The Springpole is the perfect exercise toy for your dog that you can hang on any tree or object with great support. It is a heavy duty Iron Man springpole made to sustain any size pitbull. It is made of top quality rope, high quality hardware, closed end springs, welded rings and a double spring design for reliability. It has been tested for safety and performance and will sustain any size dog out there. So, if you want to have your pitbull train on a springpole like Maximus from Finest Kennels, don't forget to purchase one of these heavy duty springpoles today!

The pitbull is looked upon as the breed of choice and dog fighting is a sadistic contest in wich two dogs specifically bred, conditioned, and trained to fight are placed in a pit generally a small arena enclosed by plywood walls to fight each other for the spectators gambling and entertainment.Fights nearly last an hour in length and often last more than two hours.Dog fights end when one of the dogs is no longer willing or able to continue.The ones left standing leaves you with the raw dogs..


Wall SpringPole Mount - $179.95
Floor SpringPole Mount - $329.95
Now you can mount a springpole where ever you want
Avaiable in Concrete mount or grass mount
Wall Spring Pole MountOrder Now
Floor SpringPole MountOrder Now
Another one of the unique products Finest Kennels offer is a Wall Mount for your springpole. Check it out! Struggling with the idea of where to hang your spring pole? Well no worries, these springpole hangers listed above are made from steel square tubing and are fully welded Made from Iron Man. These are handmade and have been tested by XXL pits with no fail. For maximum weather resistance we recommend that you paint them to match your structure. These can be installed on any wall and they will attach to the studs. Get one today!
This is a free standing springpole for those that cannot use the Wall Mount. This style is excellent for mounting on a slab or in your yard. This is the same style that Maximus from Finest Kennels uses. He has been training on this for north carolina springpole for almost 4 years now. This is custom made by Iron Man and you cannot find it in stores anywhere.
Pit Bull Tow Hitch - $69.95
Choker Chain Collar - $39.95
Fits on any Truck or SUV
Available in 21, 22, 23, 24 ,and 25 inch head
Pit Bull Tow HitchOrder Now
Choker Chain Collar & LeashOrder Now

Check out these Pitbull towhitch plugs made from Iron Man. They are made of 100% aluminum, hand polished and will never rust. Show the world you love your pitbull by purchasing one of these for your truck or SUV today.


This XL Choker is great for your XL pitbull. Made of high quality north carolina hardware, chrome and welded rings this is a perfect fit for your pit. Standard 24 in. choker fits most adult males. We also offer different sizes if need. These chokers are made by Iron Man.



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