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Pitbull Pictures
Check out Maximus, Here he is on his 2 year old birthday celebrating his 24 1/2 inch head
Check out Maximus, Looking in the kitchen sink for soome left over food.
american pitbull terriers
Check out Perseus, She is a true champion at the BKC Junior class division held in San Diego California and in Maryland..
Check out these crazy puppies, Trying to get out at 4 weeks old, they are waiting to go home with a good family in Maryland.
venus fawn
brindle pits
Check out Venus, even though she is a puppy at 2 months she still out runs the pack with her toy.
Check out Maximus, As he looks very serious in this picture at 11 months,dont worry he is one of the most loving dogs.
red nose
blue nose
Check out Maximus, As he runs and gets his excersise with the springpole at 11 months weighing 102 lbs and we have it on dvd.
Check out Perseus, Finest kennels knows Perseus at 9 months looks goofy in this picture, but we posted it anyways.
toys and supplies
apple nose
Check out Maximus, As he runs and fetches a toy at 6 months
Check out Maximus, This up and coming dog is the only one at Finest Kennels to grip on to a rope like this at 9 weeks.
silver apbt
discounted dvd's
Check out Perseus, As she poses for a picture in the house @ 8 weeks.
Check out Athena and Perseus, At 9 weeks as they wait for an afternoon snack from there owners.(man they are spoiled)
online accessories
maryland kennels
Check out Maximus, At 6 weeks not even knowing he is probably going to weigh 100 lbs one day.
Check out Perseus, As she gets ready to take her daily nap in the living room at 8 weeks
training dogs
Check out Maximus, As he turns over and scracthes his back on the grass at 6 months
Check out Maximus, As he goes for a swim with the rest of the kids and family at 13 weeks on a hot day.
champion bloodline
athena califronia
Check out Perseus, Trying to get her ears trained at 3 months
Heres Athena, just got her ears cropped @ 3 months in Massachusetts
gotty line
brown coats
Check out Venus, As she runs and follows her master at 5 weeks
Check out Venus, As she poses for a picture at 5 weeks


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